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Best Kitchen Scale – Top Rated Kitchen Scales

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Master chefs and cooks understand the value of using the precise amount of ingredients when cooking a meal. They appreciate the role ratios play in helping the meal come together. As a result, they often keep a trusty kitchen scale nearby whenever they’re whipping up a meal.

If some of your cooking projects in the kitchen don’t turn out as expected, maybe it’s time you borrowed a leaf from cooking masters. It just might be that your cooking skills are on point, but your lack of a kitchen scale is what is ruining the meal. You might be using too much, or too little of a given ingredient and that can put a damper on your cooking efforts.

With the best kitchen scale at your disposal, you can maintain the necessary ratios and turn every meal into a feast. The best kitchen scale also gives you the confidence to nail new recipes on the first try.

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Best Kitchen Scale Reviews

Etekcity Food Digital Kitchen Scale

The tare weight function makes the weighing scale indispensable when you need accurate measurements in the kitchen. The feature eliminates the weight of the container with your ingredients, leaving you with the net weight. Adhering to the recommended quantities in a recipe is crucial as it can make or break your cooking project.

You don’t need perfect eyesight when using this scale. A large, clear LCD display window sees to that. The large digits of the display are easy to read – no more squints or eye strains. Better yet, the display panel is backlit to enhance readability. The soft blue light in the background is also gentle on your eyes, in addition to letting you work in a low light setting if you so choose. Pausing to convert pounds to kilograms, or grams to ounces only serves to ruin the entire cooking experience. This weigh scale puts an end to all that. The scale measures pounds, ounces, grams, and milliliters to let cooking enthusiasts have an easy time in the kitchen. No more splitting hairs about portions and conversion. This scale reduces the complex calculations to a simple click of a button. It also comes with a separate measurement for milk and water to enhance the baking experience.

The weighing scale is powered by two replaceable AA sized batteries. A battery life indicator on the backlit screen lets you keep an eye on the state of the batter. To its credit, the scale is super-efficient – the display stays on for 30 seconds after each measuring session. An auto-off function switches the unit off if it remains inactive for two minutes to conserve the batteries.

A stylish stainless steel finish gives the scale a classy and sophisticated look to lend an upscale decor to any kitchen. The steel construction affords the scale a durable surface that can handle anything that comes its way. The scale is immune to spills and splashes that may occur in the kitchen. The slim, compact design ensures the scale doesn’t take up too much space on the kitchen counter. It also makes it easy to stash it away in a drawer or a cupboard as soon as you’re done cooking.

A large load capacity makes the scale the perfect kitchenware for people who prefer to cook one large meal in a week. The high weight capacity measures out large batches of ingredients at the same time, drastically reducing meal preparation time. The scale is rated for 11 pounds, meaning you can use it when running a small commercial bakery as well.

Pros & Cons


  • Digital display with a backlight
  • Stainless steel body
  • Long battery life
  • Multiple measurement units
  • Tare weight function


  • Less sensitive to single-digit gram measurements

Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale

An enlarged weighing platform and cutting-edge sensor technology are some of the features that make the Pronto cooking scale a must-have in the kitchen. This weighing scale features an elegant chrome finish to give it a classy, functional look necessary to handles the messes that may happen in the kitchen. The scale is crafted to last you for a long time.

A large backlit display panel with large digits on the scale makes it perfect for the fast-paced environment of a busy kitchen. The scale’s enlarged weighing platform enables it to weight up to 11.24 pounds. What’s more, it comes with up to five different measuring units. The ability to convert between various measurement is priceless when making exotic dishes.

The scale’s exceptional sensor technology has drawn accolades for its ability to help people meet their health and fitness goals. The scale fits all cooking goals and will measure up to 5100 grams with precise 1-gram increments. A simple touch of the “UNIT” button automatically converts the weight between the five units of measurement. The tare function on the Pronto kitchen scale lets it subtract the weight of your container to leave you the net weight of your food or ingredients.

The intuitive user-interface sports two buttons – the Unit button and the TARE button which doubles as the power button. The no-frills design means the weighing process won’t get in the way of your workflow. Each button generates an audible click to confirm the setting, which is crucial to eliminating mistakes in a busy environment.

The Pronto digital scale runs on a pair of two AAA batteries, which are included with the unit upon purchase. An automatic turn off feature sees to it that the batteries last for a long time. The unit turns off after two minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life. Replacing the batteries is a cakewalk since the battery compartment is easy to access – no tools are necessary.

The manufacturer stands by the quality of their product that they offer a no-hassle guarantee on purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • Among the largest load platforms on the market.
  • Precise gram graduation
  • High load capacity
  • Converts between five units of measurements
  • Durable chrome construction
  • Intuitive user interface


  • The display doesn’t have a backlight

Weigh Gram Scale Digital Pocket Scale

This pocket scale comes in handy for anyone who needs an accurate and precise measuring instrument for micro quantities. It boasts a measuring capacity of 100 grams in graduations of 0.01 grams. It’s the perfect kitchen implement when you need to measure out spices and condiments whose quantities are crucial to the success of your meal. You can also benefit from the scale if you need to maintain a strict eating regimen for health purposes.

A stainless steel platform gives the pocket scale sturdy and durable composition to ensure it delivers a seamless service for a long time. Despite the steel composition, the scale is lightweight and portable to carry with you on the go. It comes with a protective flip cover to ensure no harm comes to the delicate, highly calibrated sensors.

The scale’s user-friendly interface is comprised of well-labeled touch buttons and a sizeable display with a soft blue light. Large digits on the display panel, coupled with the backlight, make it easy to use the scale in any light conditions. It features four different weighing units – dwt, ozt, oz, and grams.

The fine calibration of this pocket scale makes it useful beyond measuring spices and ingredients in the kitchen. It’s a trusty instrument for any craft that requires accurate and precise measurement. You can use it to measure gems, jewelry, coins, precious metals, or even arrowheads for archery enthusiasts. It comes backed by a 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Pros & Cons


  • Lightweight and pocket-sized
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Intuitive user display
  • 10-year warranty
  • Ultra-fine graduation


  • Requires calibration for accuracy

Escali Primo P115CH Precision Kitchen Food Scale

An occasional mess or a spill is inevitable in a busy kitchen environment. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for inferior weighing scales as that can spell disaster. The Escali Primo scale sees to it that a little mess doesn’t send your plans for a sumptuous meal down the drain. This compact kitchen scale is spill-proof to let you shrug off such incidents.

The digital kitchen scale is made from chrome, giving it the ability to withstand all that you throw at it in the kitchen for a long time. It measures 8-inches long, 6-inches wide, and sits 1.25 inches high. It’s available in nine colors that include black, white, pumpkin orange, tarragon green, soft pink, and warm red. It’ll complement just about any décor you have going in the kitchen.

The tare feature automatically removes the weighing container’s weight to give precise and accurate measurements. Rated for 11 pounds, this kitchen is the workhorse you need when you run a busy kitchen. One-gram measuring increments are a true testament to the state-of-the-art technology backing the scale. It’ll handle any cooking project you may have going in the kitchen without failing or quitting on you.

It’s powered by two replaceable AA batteries housed in an easy to access battery chamber. The scale turns off after being inactive for four minutes to conserve power and extend battery life. A large display screen makes for easy readability when measuring. A battery level gives you a warning when the batteries are running low to avoid future inconveniences.

The scale features five measuring units to let you work with any units that you deem fit for a particular project. A sealed control panel and a rounded design make the unit easy to clean and spill-proof. A non-slip rubber foot keeps the scale in place during use and won’t shift under the weight of an 11-pound turkey or steak.

Pros & Cons


  • Spill-proof
  • Precise one-gram calibration
  • High load capacity
  • Five units of measurements
  • Available in nine colors
  • Easy to clean chrome construction


  • Might be a tad expensive for some

Inevifit Digital Kitchen Scale

Having a trusted kitchen scale is invaluable when you need to keep a keen eye on your diet. It helps you meet your nutritional requirements without breaking a sweat. That’s where the Inevifit kitchen scale comes in to save the day. It’s on hand to lets you weigh your meals without splitting hairs.

The scale comes with a durable brushed stainless steel loading platform that is capable of handling up to 13 pounds worth of food. The substantial weight capacity makes the scale critical for the busy executive looking to eat healthily. You can quickly measure out and cook a week’s ration of food. Afterward, you can portion the food into the required quantities before stowing it away in the fridge or freezer.

The handy scale works with five units of measurements – pound, ounces, pounds: ounces, grams, and millimeters – and lets you convert between them. That saves you any frustration when you come across a recipe with different units of measurements. A tare feature ensures that only the weight of the food or ingredients register on the scale to avoid false readings.

The sleek and elegant US-made kitchen scale sports a large display window with a soft blue light to eliminate eye strain when taking measurements. An upgraded sensor gives it the capacity to record as little as one-gram increments.

The INEVIFIT scale runs on two replaceable AA batteries housed in an easy to access chamber and boasts smart energy-saving features to extend the battery life. Extended battery life means you can use the scale for uses outside the kitchen or fitness regime. The item ships with a five-year manufacturer guarantee, making it a must-have item in the kitchen.

Pros & Cons


  • High load capacity
  • Sleek, elegant design
  • US-made
  • Measurement units conversion
  • Large loading platform
  • Sturdy steel construction


  • Loading platform obscure the display panel

Final verdict

The Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto and Etekcity Food digital kitchen scale make excellent choices when looking for a scale on a low budget. They offer excellent value for money and will deliver accurate readings. Escali Primo and INEVIFIT make respectable scales for anyone with a slightly bigger budget for a kitchen scale. All these kitchen scales are calibrated to register one-gram increments and deliver accurate results, making them must-have implements in the kitchen.  The Pocket Scale is the best choice if you regularly measure items below the 100 grams range or if you require accuracy in the 0.01-gram range.

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