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Best Meat Slicer Under $100: Our Top Picks

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Do you want some fine dining with your family or do you plan to throw a party and want to show off your food preparation and presentation skills? A meat slicer can always come in handy for that, but for some the price can be an issue; it doesn’t have to be. Here we show you that you can find some of the best meat slicers today for under $100.

The best meat slicers can quickly and conveniently cut more than meats, including hard cheese, vegetables, fruits, cold cuts and much more to a restaurant quality appearance.

Some of us might have been impressed by the quality cuts when we buy a platter. They are often sliced to perfection, even the sandwiches, but you don’t need a special event to use your meat slicer and create perfect cuts.

You can use it to help prepare any meal in no time. On top of that, there is no need to bother over dull knives or the mess left behind after slicing your bread.

What we are showing you here are slicers under $100. Now remember, for this price you are not going to get a commercial grade slicer! However, we think these provide good value for the money.


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Best Meat Slicer Under $100 Reviews

TOKASS 200W Electric Meat Slicer Machine

The Tokass meat slicer is one of our top electric food slicers and comes with 2 removable 7.5 inch stainless-steel blades, food carriage, and pusher. The product is an upgraded device with sharp workmanship. If you are looking for an affordable, multi-purpose slicer to cut your food orderly and without getting food pieces stuck in blades all the time, then this is the best option for you.


This food slicer has an interesting range of features. One of the best features is the no-mess option – the two blades, one a serrated edge and the other being smooth, made from German high-carbon stainless steel.

These blades, food carriage, cutting platform, slide-rod extension and food pusher are easily removable, making it easy to clean in no time. Additionally, what is truly great is the technology used for manufacturing this amazing food slicer. The blades have a rapid release, so if you are slicing different meats or foods, you can switch very quickly. Being so easy to dismantle makes it easier to maintain this slicer for long-term use.

If you are looking for a wide range of thicknesses, this is a great option for you. Tokass has one of the best ranges on the market, from ultra-thin to over 1/2 inch thickness. You can use it to slice numerous foods, including beef jerky, charcuterie boards, hard cheeses, cold cuts, deli sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, ham, and bread.

As far as safety goes, it comes with a child-lock feature so that it won’t simply start with the push of a button.

At this point, you might have already realized this is a top-notch, professional meat slicer made for home use. It provides you with an easy, convenient, quick, and precise way of cutting your foods. The slices are all consistent, and it makes for the perfect aid in the kitchen when you have guests or want to put together a quick platter.

In it’s price range, probably the best meat slicer today.


  • Affordable
  • Professional quality
  • Removable, easy to clean parts
  • Ideal size for home kitchen.
  • Durable and reliable
  • Wide adjustable depth range.
  • Great for a wide range of cuts and foods
  • Safety lock feature prevents accidents.


  • Should not be slicing for more than 5 minutes continuously due to possible overheating.
  • Not recommended for deli or restaurant use due to above issue.


Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

The Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer makes slicing meats, cheeses, vegetables, and other foods fast and convenient.

This well made, quality slicer adjusts from 1/32 inch to 1/2 inch thick to slice everything from paper-thin deli sliced meats to thick, juicy servings of beef for roasts or steaks. Also great for slicing your favorite fruits and vegetables to give your food preparation and presentation that professional look.

It’s name incorporates the word “Pro” but this is only suited for home use. It’s not heavy duty enough to endure long periods of slicing as it can overheat, and stopping every 8 -10 minutes to let it cool down is not how a professional kitchen can function.

It’s convenient and simple to operate, and removable parts make it easy to clean. This premium meat slicer is a great addition to any kitchen, and will help you tremendously.


  • Heavy-duty 130-watt motor
  • Removable 7.5-inch undulated stainless steel cutting blade for perfect performance
  • Slice control knob adjusts from 1/32″ to 1/2″ to slice bread, roasts, firm cheeses and more
  • Premium coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Non-slip feet for stable operation
  • Limited Five Year Motor Warranty


  • Some have found the meat needs to be held tighter when cutting due to slipping.
  • The motor may be heavy duty but at 130W, cuts slower than most premium slicers.


OSTBA Meat Slicer

The OSTBA food slicer cuts the food precisely, it makes you feel like a professional chef at home. Adjustable thickness from super thin to approximately 3/4’’ thick for slicing various foods such as meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits.

Removable features make this slicer easy to clean, thereby helping you to work in a sanitary manner. The blade, food carriage, slide-rod extension and food pusher are removable, allowing for thorough cleaning and sanitation. It has been known for food to get stuck in a small crevice on the machine, resulting in use of a screwdriver or toothpick to remove it.

It has a child proof safety feature, which means that to operate the deli slicer, you must press both the safety lock & power button simultaneously to start, thus avoiding starting it in error.

Non-slip suction cup feet keep the meat slicer stable during working.

The OSTBA meat slicer machine has the 7. 5’’ stainless steel serrated blade, driven by 150 watts of fast, high yield slicing power, It will help you keep a consistent sharp cut.


  • Affordable
  • Serrated stainless steel blade
  • Noise-reduction design
  • Knob to adjust the thickness
  • Removable parts for easy cleaning


  • The 150W motor will not be extremely fast but will cut food effectively.
  • There are one or two parts where may have to clean out with a toothpick, screwdriver – possibility food getting stuck otherwise


CUSIMAX Food Slicer

If you are looking for a great alternative to some more expensive brands, then this is it. Cusimax offers similar features at a competitive price, allowing you to cut meat, hard cheese, fruits, and vegetables in quick, convenient, and mess-free steps with a maximum of 10 minutes of continuous operation time. Apart from the high quality of its removable components, the blade allows you to create master chef quality cheese platters, cold cuts, vegetables, and fruits in no time and with minimum effort needed.

Cusimax is a great meat slicer that makes use of advanced technology to provide you with an easy-to-clean, highly efficient device. The track design, along with the removable blades, allow you to clean this product easily, either manually or in the dishwasher for quick and efficient results. Also, the slicer does not require any lubricant, and it is more durable and easier to operate and maintain than many other products on the market available today.

The upgraded workmanship means that the blade of 7.5 inches will allow you to cut all your foods orderly and evenly without getting the food stuck inside. In addition to this, it also has a 0.87-inch adjustable thickness of the slicer, which provides you with greater choice and versatility when it comes to cutting vegetables, meat, or cheese. However, be aware that this product should not be used to cut frozen foods.




  • Affordable
  • Track design
  • Removable blade
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • No lubricant needed
  • 7.5-inch stainless steel blade
  • ⅞” adjustable thickness
  • Safe to work with
  • High caliber quality


  • Not for frozen products


SUPER DEAL Premium Electric Meat Slicer

If you are looking for a low-budget meat slicer to do the job, this is the one for you. Despite its low price point, this meat slicer can do anything from paper-thin prosciutto slices to carved roasts, sliced vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, and even lettuce. Whatever you need, you can slice it with this item.

SUPER DEAL takes the competition to another level and proposes its stainless steel electric meat slicer to help cooks in all their endeavors at a competitive price, yet maintaining high standards for quality and results. Whether you want a vegetable slicer suitable for potatoes, tomatoes, or lettuce, or you need to provide perfect platters of cold cuts and cheese, this product offers astonishing versatility and reliability.

The sharp 7.5-inch stainless steel blade uses 150 watts of power to quickly and consistently slice all your foods, remaining sharp for a longer amount of time. Similar to other higher-priced products, the SUPER DEAL meat slicer has a knob to adjust the thickness of slicing and is suitable for anything from roast beef to apples.

Another factor that makes our list as the best meat slicers under $100 is that the carriage system, along with the meat-grip arm and slide-rod extension, can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized due to the fact that they can be easily removed.

However, this might not exactly be for professional use – it works best with home cooks who prefer to cut and slice their own meat, avoiding the hassle of waiting in line or simply avoiding processed foods. Making your own cuts of roast beef and slicing them to perfection will not only provide you with some monetary savings, but it will also help you have a healthier diet.


  • Low-budget
  • Removable, easy-to-clean parts
  • Adjustable thickness
  • Highly versatile
  • Reliable
  • Sharp 7.5-inch stainless steel blade


  • Not suitable for dishwasher
  • Operating is quite difficult
  • Motor is weaker



Overall, our top recommendation as the best meat slicer under $100, is the TOKASS Electric Meat Slicer. It is a high-quality slicer that provides you with a durable, reliable, and safe device that is suitable for a wide range of cuts. It is highly efficient and easy to clean.

The upgraded stainless steel blade is also an addition to die for – simply because it is much better quality than other products, and it allows you to proficiently use your meat slicer to create your own platters or just a simple lunch.

Again, any meat slicer under $100 is not likely to be a restaurant/deli standard machine, but it doesn’t mean it’s junk either.  We think we have picked five pretty good ones.

However, for a low-budget alternative, we recommend SUPER DEAL Premium Stainless Steel Electric Meat Slicer, which is suitable for slicing a wide range of meats and foods at a more affordable price point. If you are a home cook looking for an inexpensive way to avoid processed meats while keeping the same high quality you get at the deli, the SUPER DEAL is indeed what it advertises. It gets the job done in no time, avoiding the mess and timely manual cuts.

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