In the food slicer industry, one of the most common things people do is slice their produce into smaller bits and pieces. This would allow for much easier consumption, given that smaller parts are swallowed and taken in much easily by the body.

Apart from this, some people would want to further treat food and one of the obvious means through which this could be more efficient is through slicing it thinly. Lastly, another reason as to why people slice their food is for presentation purposes, given that strips or shredded portions of any food look better on the plate or table than the food as a whole.

In order for people to do slicing, they commonly make use of knives. If you wish to take the easy route and slice foods the accurate way, then an electric food slicer is what you should use.

While there are a lot in the market nowadays, one of the best ones for you to use is the Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer and this review would explain exactly why this is so.


Made of High-Quality Materials

The Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer’s parts are made of Cast Aluminum materials, and its slicer is made of stainless steel to ensure long-term slicing before it begins to get dull. It employs the use of gears and a high-powered motor that also provides high torque value while staying cool amidst operations.

The tilted, large capacity food carriage makes cutting and catching the meat a whole lot easier.

This machine is a far cry from other slicing products that are made with plastics that don’t last as long.

Can Slice Different Kinds of Food

If you’re fond of processed meats, either for business or personal consumption, then this is definitely the perfect product for you. The Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer is capable of working with a large quantity of food at once, and the blade, which measures 7-inches, permits you to cut as thin as typical deli products to as thick as 0.75 inches.

The foods that you could slice with this include vegetables, deli meat products, as well as soft, non-crumbly cheeses.

Easy Set-Up and Cleaning

Despite the fact that it may look like a big device, one of the good things about it is that it’s relatively easy to set-up and clean for a product that’s got several parts.

To make sure that you get premium-quality cuts, it’s equipped with a thickness guide, food pusher and deflector, as well as a blade, all in a cantilever design that’s easy to disassemble for cleaning, with minimal help from instruction manual with regards to the setup.

Does the Job Well

With the Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer, you are guaranteed that everything will be sliced with ease, thanks to the features stated above. From the stainless steel, ultra-sharp blade, to the food carriage, as well as the cantilever style, you’re assured of uniform slices that would suit your needs.


Solid Construction

The Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer is constructed with an assortment of metallic and plastic parts. The plate, which is adjusted for thickness purposes, is made of light-weight and efficient aluminum.

The food carriage is also made of ABS plastic, one of the sturdiest plastics, complete with a stainless steel top-most surface. The rails that assist the gliding are also made of low friction plastic, which prevents it from thinning out from frequent use.

The configuration of the wires and other small parts are well-organized as well, and overall the device holds and fits as securely as possible. All of the other parts are quiet in operations while delivering optimal slicing results.

Easy to Maintain

It does not take any professional skills in order for you to take the parts off and assemble them again. It’s easy and can be done in a heuristic manner. It’s manufactured in such a way that the blade stripper could be taken away from the device.

To prevent building up of heat, however, people are advised to lubricate the worm gears with a hygienic, food-safe kind of lubricant, given that the RPM rating of the rotating blade is very high.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

Cuts of different sorts, from smooth to rough, could be made with the use of the Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer. Apart from the swift 20,000 RPM rate for the motor, the extra sharp blade allows for the neatest, most uniform and most accurate cuts.

The noise that the cooling fan makes is perfectly understandable given the fast motor rate.


Extra Precaution with the Blade

Everyone who takes care of the Blade Cleaning has to take extra precaution, because the blade is sharp and if not removed properly could cause an injury.

Copious Lubricant Needed

Food-grade grease is one of the necessities for this product to work, and one would need to put a lot on the gears just so that wearing would be delayed or prevented. This is a rather cumbersome activity for anyone.


In terms of performance, the Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer is already one of the top-performing ones in the market. Other choices that are quite on-par with it in terms of quality are the Weston 9-Inch Food Slicer, as well as a lot of conventional knives you may find in various kitchen appliance centers.


Overall, the Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer lives up to its name, being a top-quality food slicer and one of the best brands out in the market, suitable for both home and commercial use.


Precise and accurate cuts are cumbersome and difficult to achieve by hand and take much more time than making use of electric food slicers. If you don’t mind spending a bit more on your electric bill, then having a food slicer just like the Chef’s Choice 609-A Electric Food Slicer is the best thing for you to do.


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