When we think about what is needed to make the perfect meat dish, the first few things that instantly come to our minds is the quality of the meat, the spices needed to marinate it, and the way it has to be cooked.

However, people tend to forget one of the most crucial stages of the preparation, and that is chopping. For that, you require only the best possible meat cleaver. People often get intimidated with the size of the cleaver, so they stick to their regular knives to chop large pieces of meat, but by doing so, the risk of injuring yourself is higher.

Hence, to ensure you have a safe and smooth cooking experience, we will be reviewing one of the best cleavers on the market, which is the Cusibox Professional Meat Cleaver in this article.

Cusibox Professional Meat Cleaver

Cusibox is a brand that exclusively sells all their products through online retail stores. They are known particularly for their high-quality and long-lasting products.

Their range of products varies from toasters, electric wine bottle openers, multi-functional kitchen scissors, bathroom scales, knives, hand mixers, and several more. Cusibox is also known for their friendly customer care service.

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One of the essential features of a meat cleaver is having a high-quality blade, and this is where the Cusibox Professional Meat Cleaver will not at all disappoint you. In addition, the cleaver offers an ergonomically designed and comfortable handle.

Let us discuss its features more in detail below.

  • Blade

The Cusibox Professional Meat Cleaver comes with a seven-inch blade. This butcher knife is designed to chop large pieces of meat like pork, beef, and chicken. It is also ideal to chop through the bones of the chicken.

The cleaver is perfect if you want to chop bigger vegetables with ease as well. While this knife is mostly meant to chop, it also is an ideal choice if you are looking to dice, slice, cut, and mince food.

Regarding the blade’s quality, you can be certain that you are getting nothing but the best. The Cusinox Cleaver comes with precisely forged 100% high-quality 5cr high-carbon stainless steel. This steel is FDA approved and allows for easy maintenance and holds its edge retention well.

This premium steel blade spine has a thickness of 3mm. It allows for great strength and grip which means that tasks can be carried out with ease.

The ultra-sharp edge of this cleaver allows you to achieve only the best cuts that keep the freshness as long as possible. Additionally, the hand polished sating blade has a hole in the top corner, which allows for easy storage on a hook or a peg.

  • Handle

The Cusibox Cleaver has a handle that is made only from the most superior quality Pakkawood. This wood is extremely comfortable and has an antibacterial effect on the hands.

The handle has an ergonomic design which reduces fatigue when you use it for more extended periods. Additionally, even when the handle gets wet, it will not just slip off from your hand.

  • Lifespan

The Cusibox Professional Meat Cleaver has a razor-sharp edge thanks to its high-quality stainless steel. This ensures that the blade does not easily get scratched. Similarly, it ensures that there are no signs of defects or rust regardless of how long you use it and how heavy your use is.

  • Packaging

Several companies that sell cleavers typically sell it with very minimal packaging, but Cusibox has gone above and beyond in this aspect. To ensure that you can store your cleaver safely and improve its longevity, they ship it to you with a knife box.

It is a simple black box that has the same length as the knife. Once you are done using the cleaver, you can wash it with mild dishwashing soap, wipe it dry, and then store it in the box.

  • Warranty

Rarely do companies that sell cleavers offer any warranty on their products, but this is not the case with the Cusibox Cleaver. If you find yourself unsatisfied with the cleaver, the company will offer you a full refund within one year of purchase; no questions asked. All you need to do is get in touch with their customer care team who will take you through the whole refund process.

Pros & Cons



  • Not the lightest cleaver


The Cusibox Professional Meat Cleaver is an ideal product that everyone must have in their kitchens. While it does a great job in chopping meats and vegetables, it is also ideal to be used for mincing, slicing, dicing, and cutting.

The blade is made from high-quality stainless steel which has a three-millimeter-thickness and a razor sharp edge. On the other hand, the handle is made from a high-quality Pakkawood which has an ergonomic design and antibacterial property, as well as resistant to slipping.


To further put this cleaver to test, we decided to find another similar cleaver and compare it with this one. We found that the Xena 8 Inch Blade Meat Cleaver was a good product to compare with.

When you look at the two cleavers, they are quite similar looking. They have a similarly sized blade and handle. But that’s about all when it comes to its similarities.

The two cleavers are completely different regarding quality. The Cusibox cleaver has a significantly better blade than its counterpart. Even the handle is made from a higher quality wood which has an antibacterial effect. This is something the Xena cleaver lacks.


We all want the best equipment in our kitchens to make the cooking process as easy as possible. That is why we highly recommend the CUSIBOX 7-inch Professional Meat Cleaver. This cleaver comes with a high-quality blade that will cut through food efficiently, and its handle ensures to keep you safe and comfortable at all times.

We are sure that you too will like this cleaver as much as we did!


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