Meat grinders are a quaint addition to any kitchen, big or small, home or commercial. The features and functionality that it brings in the kitchen, contained in a shiny metal casing, does wonder and saves time and effort by providing ground up meat without needing to manually chop the same size of meat into the smallest size humanly possible. Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder.

Meat grinders not only grind down chicken, pork, beef, and what other meat you can think of, it can also grind vegetables and fruit when needed. You may have to wash it before and after so the juice and fats from the meat won’t mix with other food items. Some use this kitchen equipment to grind ingredients at the same time to get a blended product which saves time, especially if in a fast-paced setting.

Available in both manual and electric models, this versatile kitchen appliance can make ground meat for sausages, fillings for dumplings, and even bread crumbs for coating fish fingers and chicken fillets. The grinding plates are often interchangeable with different sized components to provide different output for varied cooking styles.

With that said, we are going to take a closer at one of the most favorite meat grinders today: the Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder.


Features of the Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder 2/3 HP (500W), 3-speed with Stainless Steel Cutting Blade, 2 Stainless Steel Grinding Plates and Stainless Steel Stuffing Plate

The Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder 2/3 HP (500W)is a unique piece of kitchen fixture as it not only delivers ground meat in no time, but it does so without compromising your safety and your customers’ as well. It comes with the following key features:

  • Powerful Electric Motor

The Kitchener Meat Grinder comes with a 2/3 horsepower 500W motor that is capable of grinding up to 330 pounds of food material in one hour. This meat grinder uses an air-cooled, gear-driven mechanical steel design that ensures a quiet and maintenance-free grinding session.

  • Versatile Equipment

The meat grinder from Kitchener has three selectable speeds, and it also comes with a set of stuffing tubes for sausages and hotdogs, sized at 3/8″, 3/4″ and 1-1/8″. Included with this meat grinder are two stainless steel interchangeable cutting plates sized at 3/16″ and 3/8″, as well as a meat stomper and cutting knife.

  • Large Capacity Pan and Neck

A large-capacity meat tray comes with this meat grinder, and it is capable of holding meat of up to 3lbs, while the large neck lets it take all the meat it can without compromising performance. The meat tray combined with continuous loading can generate about 5.5lbs of ground stuff in one minute.

  • Heavy Duty Grinding Machine

Encased in a stainless steel packaging, this meat grinder from Kitchener has a 12″-neck and interchangeable cutting plates that can find a place inside any kitchen, large or small. It also has three modes, Stuffing, Power Grind and Reverse Function.

  • Safety First

The stainless steel casing of the Kitchener meat grinder is corrosion-proof and ensures safe contact with meat and other food items. This also comes with a water-proof switch that lets you operate it while multitasking, although caution is still required. The aluminum meat pan also helps in keeping your fingers off the grinding blades and prevents accidents from happening.

Pros & Cons


  • Powerful motor that can grind bones
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Large intake neck
  • Great for making sausages
  • Runs quietly and smoothly
  • Does the job well as designed
  • Grinds heaps of meat in minutes
  • Does not overheat nor jam
  • Spits out sausages like bullets
  • Mixes food items well while grinding


  • Difficult to clean the insides
  • Grinding plates are hard to take out
  • Hard to find replacement parts
  • Fatty meat sticks on the inside corners
  • Can use a medium grinding plate

Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder 2/3 HP (500W), 3-speed with Stainless Steel Cutting Blade, 2 Stainless Steel Grinding Plates and Stainless Steel Stuffing Plate


The Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder is a heavy duty electric meat grinder that is powered by a 500-Watt motor inside a durable steel casing. The removable meat tray and the water-proof switch form part of the safety measures that keep you safe while the large neck and interchangeable modes and cutting plates give you the versatility that a machine should have inside a busy kitchen.


The features of the Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder is similar to that of the KitchenWare Station SL-8 Commercial Meat Grinder, especially with the shape and feel of the design. The KWS SL-8 grinds through meat using a 450W, 1/2 horsepower motor and is made of durable stainless steel.

The KWS SL-8 Commercial can grind up to 176 lbs of meat in an hour and is easy to assemble and disassemble. This meat grinder also comes with two interchangeable grinder plates and 4 sausage stuffing tubes. The stainless steel meat tray is fixed and does not move around which also help prevent accidents from taking place.


Compared with the Kitchener Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder, the KWS SL-8 Commercial needs some more punch when it comes to power and versatility. The Kitchener’s motor is definitely more powerful, and the grinding blades produce more consistent cuts and are sized just right for cooking.

The most outstanding feature that the Kitchener grinder has which the KWS SL-8 Commercial fails on is its capacity to produce large heaps of ground up meat for the same amount of time as that of the KWS. The grinding capacity per hour of the Kitchener is almost twice that of the SL-8 which makes the Kitchener more ideal for small restaurants and large home kitchens.

Another feature that sets the Kitchener apart is its waterproof switch which adds to the safety features of this meat grinder, as well as the wider neck that can take on more meat for grinding as compared to the KWS SL-8. The SL-8 has more sausage making funnel tubes, but the three sizes that the Kitchener offers is more than enough to meet your sausage making needs.

Meat grinders offer versatility to a small restaurant as it enables the staff and crew to create new burgers, dumplings and taco filling without having to spend time and money on pre-ground meat and filling, and mincing knives. This indirectly leads to new creations and steady flavor profiles, which helps the business as it will be able to deliver consistent quality, which is a cornerstone of a successful food business.



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