STX-3000-TF Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder Review

STX-3000-TF Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder Review

Meat grinders are available with manual and electric operation options. These products come in various sizes and models. If you are thinking of purchasing a meat grinder, there are many things that you should consider.

You should consider the horsepower of the motor if you like to purchase an electric meat grinder. The blades should be made from stainless steel so that it will not rust.

If you are thinking of buying manual models, it should have suction cups or similar components to make sure that the item is secured when cranking it. Most manual grinders make use of clamps that you can place on a tabletop. You can also bolt it to the table, depending on the size of the grinder.

Another important thing to consider is that safety features of the meat grinder. The blades of the grinder should be enclosed.

It should not have big gaps where fingers can slide through and also have a eat feeder to avoid inserting your finger and risk cutting them. The most important thing to consider is that the meat grinder should do its purpose.

Meat grinders are made to grind meat to make various kinds of food preparations. These items should be easy to use, and they should operate smoothly.

The grinders should also be easy to clean just like any other kitchen equipment since food safety should always come first. Meat grinders simplify the lives of cooks and chefs when it comes to food preparation.

Where You Can Buy Them

If you are thinking of purchasing a meat grinder, you can buy them at your nearest appliance store, or you can buy them online. There are various kinds of models and brands that are available in the market today. You can ask a kitchen appliance seller about what is the best product that they are selling.

If you are going to buy online, you should read product reviews to get more information about the features of each product. You should do your research first before making any purchases. It is also better if you read testimonials of other people who have actually used these kinds of products to know their experiences.

These products are manual or electric operated. Purchase the item according to your needs. If you are going to use it for business, it is highly advised that you use an electric grinder.

If you are going to use it for home food preparation only, a manual meat grinder will do. Also be aware of the attachments included in the products that are being sold.

Purchase products that have various kinds of attachments so that you can make sausages, burger patties, and meatballs, among many others. It should have various kinds of blades for fine, coarse and normal grinding.


STX International STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3 Speed Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer - Heavy Duty 1200 Watts - Size #12-4 Grinding Plates, 3 Stainless Blades, Sausage Stuffer & Kubbe Attachment

STX-3000-TF Turboforce Electric Meat Grinder

The STX International STX-3000-TF Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffercomes with three grinding plates as well as sausage stuffing tubes. It also has Kubbe attachments to make various meat products. It can be used for commercial or personal purposes.

The three grinding plates can be used for fine, medium and coarse grinding. It is made from high-quality materials which are durable and can last for a long time.

Be reminded that this particular grinder does not grind bones and hard materials. It can grind garlic, fruits, and vegetables. It is very easy to use, and you can operate it with the touch of a button. No need to grind it manually and the best thing about it is the included safety features. It will not cut your fingers and hands because the blades are enclosed.

It has a high-powered motor that can grind meat at the quickest time possible. The quality of ground meat is also superb. Many world-class chefs are very fond of using these items since they can create delicious delicacies with it. Try this particular meat grinder, and you will be amazed.

Pros & Cons


  • Made from highly durable materials
  • Easy to operate and to clean
  • Can grind vegetables, fruits, garlic and various kinds of meats
  • Blades are made from stainless steel to avoid rust
  • It has Kubbe attachments to make various processed meat products
  • Can be used for commercial purposes
  • It can be used for normal, fine and course meat grinding


  • none

Why Should You Buy It

Meat grinders are excellent in preparing meals. Most meat grinders can also mince fruits and vegetables. Some people make use of meat slicers rather than using a knife to cut large sections of meat most especially beef.

When using a grinder cut meat in small chunks around 2×2 inches to make the grinder work less, thus preserving the life of the motor. This will also help you when using manual grinders as less effort will be required.

Experiment with medium, coarse and fine grates, since most grinders today have settings which allow the user to make creative food preparations. Most chefs recommend using a meat grinder that is made from cast iron that is tinned.

Products made from aluminum are also a good choice, and they are lightweight, but the most efficient metal to use is stainless steel, and it is also easier to clean.

Bacteria do not like to bind to metals; this is why it is highly advised that you get metal grinders rather than those plastic ones that are sold on the market today. There are lots of meat grinders that you can choose from.

Most meat grinders also have safety features. They even have a meat pusher to push the meat to the grinder; thus you do not have to push the meat by hand keeping your fingers out of the feeder. Also, you do not have to exert too much effort in using these kinds of products whether it is manual or electric. The STX International STX-3000-TF Electric Meat Grinder has the capacity to make a finely grated paste of meat that can be used in making various delicacies. You can even create processed food with it, including gourmet burgers, sausages, and meatballs, among many others.

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