Digital meat thermometers are slowly gaining ground in the hearts of meat lovers and food connoisseurs alike, especially with features and accurate readings that prove that they can be better than manual meat thermometers.

Products like The Uvistare BBQ Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, which we will review in this article, prove that even the most basic of kitchen appliances can still be innovated and improved to fit the kitchen of tomorrow.

Although there are still some purists that claim that manual meat thermometers are more consistent and can even last longer, digital meat thermometers are slowly disproving their arguments and building its impressive reputation. The modern kitchen will never be complete if the best digital meat thermometer is not included in its list of gadgets and whatnots.

Benefits of A Digital Meat Thermometer

Digital meat thermometers as compared to traditional meat thermometers have the following advantages that make them more attractive to new and older cooks alike.

  • Easier to Read

Traditional thermometers employ a dial readout which can be hard to read especially if the numerals are too small. Digital meat thermometers have a digital readout which can be set to have as large a font as you would like.

  • Better Accuracy

Sometimes, manual meat thermometers would give you a reading that is a little over a degree but less than half which is not really a measurement but a guess. Digital meat thermometers provide a reading that displays it to the last decimal point.

  • More Functionality

Most digital meat thermometers can be programmed for specific cuts of meat so that it can notify you once a certain temperature is reached. Newer models even have Bluetooth connectivity and come with their mobile app.

  • Added Versatility

Its meaty prison no longer binds meat thermometers of the digital kind, development in sensor technology and more robust materials have allowed it to be used in other food applications.

Features of the Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer

BBQ Meat Thermometer, Bluetooth Remote Cooking Thermometer, Digital Oven Thermometer with 6 Probe Port for Smoker Grilling (Carrying Case Included)The Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer is one of the newer products in the offing that has updated features and is made of seemingly durable materials. This digital meat thermometer belongs to a subtype of the digital meat thermometer as it uses probes connected to cables and attached either to a digital panel or to a mobile device that has its app installed.

And like any other digital meat thermometer, the Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer is unique in its little way, especially when talking about the features that it carries which include:

  • High Sensitivity

The probe of this digital meat thermometer has a step-down tip design that allows it to receive temperature at a faster rate with more accurate readouts. The probes also have six probe channels for a more accurate reading.

  • Advanced Connectivity

This digital meat thermometer from Uvistare comes with its mobile app that lets you connect your probe wireless via Bluetooth connection. It also comes with a 3.5-mm connector.

  • Food-Grade Steel

The digital meat thermometer probe of the Uvistare is made of food-grade steel that is highly resistant to temperatures of up to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. The stainless steel handle is also better for extreme heat applications like smoking meat and continuous grilling.

  • Teflon Cable

The 47-inch long cable from the probe towards the connector is made of Teflon with a stainless steel mesh which lets it withstand high temperatures for a long period.

  • Winding Cord Design

This digital meat thermometer comes with an ABS wrap design that lets you manage your cord better while in storage. This probe rack is only for storage purposes and should not be used to hold the cable while cooking.

  • Mobile App

The Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer has its mobile app that can be downloaded via Google Play or the Apple Store, and it comes with settings that can be customized and saved.

Pros & Cons


  • Color-coded cable beads
  • Bluetooth works well
  • Large panel
  • Easy to read readouts
  • Well-made probe
  • Winding cable keeps things neat
  • The app is easy to install.
  • Easy to configure
  • User-friendly
  • Works well
  • Reliable
  • Presets are expansive


  • Not submersible
  • Not oven friendly
  • Set to Celsius only


The Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer is a versatile digital meat thermometer that has a variety of uses other than when cooking and grilling meat. It can be used for stews, infant milk, and even coffee and tea. This digital meat thermometer comes with a probe and cable rack that lets you store it neatly without getting those twisted and knotted cables that you often get with the same type of product.

The Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer also comes with its app that lets you fix the settings to your liking and application, and the readout tells you if the food is done or has reached a certain temperature level. This thermometer also comes with a 3.5-mm connector which is connected to the stainless mesh wrapped Teflon cable.


The WEINAS Bluetooth Meat Thermometer has features that are similar to that of the Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer, especially the Bluetooth connectivity and wireless remote. The probes or sensors of the WEINAS Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is made of 100% stainless steel with six probe channels.

The WEINAS Bluetooth Meat Thermometer comes with its mobile app as well, and it can be preset to certain temperatures and meat types. The app also connects to the probes via Bluetooth which makes it ideal for long cooking sessions.


The Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer heats up the competition and wins over the WEINAS Bluetooth Meat Thermometer. While both digital meat thermometers have the same set of features and can withstand the same kind of abuse, the Uvistare eeks out a victory because of the way the probes were constructed.

The Uvistare digital meat thermometer has Teflon cables which are wrapped by stainless steel mesh which has superior durability. The winder also gives the Uvistare a push as it allows for better cable management and storage which might damage the probe if not done properly.

Digital meat thermometers are pretty nifty gadgets in the kitchen, and they continually improve over time to deliver quality performance and well-cooked food items. Going wireless seems to be part of its future, and well-designed apps and advanced connectivity go well with this endeavor.


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