How to Use a Mandoline Slicer For Zucchini -

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer For Zucchini

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How to use a Mandoline slicer for Zucchini


A good recipe adds flavor to your meal, and a fine kitchen gadget adds finesse to your food presentation. If your food doesn’t look presentable, then you will not enjoy it in its entirety. Therefore, enhance your presentation skills with the right kitchen gadgets.

One such gadget is a mandoline slicer. This tool cuts evenly sliced veggies and fruits to your desired thickness and size. Today, we will talk about how to use a mandoline slicer for zucchini.

Types of Mandoline Slicers

A mandoline slicer is an essential kitchen tool for cutting evenly sliced zucchini. However, there are different types of this slicer that you can use to cut your zucchini in different sizes. Let’s get to know them.

Flat Board Mandoline Slicer

A flat board mandoline cuts slices into an even thickness. This tool comes with only one blade. Use this tool to get even slices of zucchini.

Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

An adjustable mandoline slicer comes with different sizes and shapes of blades. Sometimes you need to cut veggies into different shapes. This tool gives you a variety of choices. You can adjust one blade of your choice and cut the desired size and shape.

Types of Cuts Using a Mandoline Slicer

Different zucchini dishes require different cuts. With a flat board and adjustable mandoline, you can give your zucchini different cuts and prepare different dishes.


Slice is the most common and simple cut for preparing a zucchini dish. A mandoline slicer can slice zucchini in even thickness to prepare a simple dish in a presentable manner.


Prepare a zucchini pasta dish with a crinkle cut. The crinkle-cut has ridged cuts up and down in a V-shape manner.


This is the most stylish cut that you make using a mandoline slicer. If you are a zucchini lover, then you may like to eat zucchini noodles. Use the julienne cut and cook the perfect size zucchini strips to add variety to your zucchini recipes.


Matchstick is not one of the common cuts. If you like creativity, you may find the matchstick cut very useful. Use this cut to make zucchini curry with other vegetables.

Types of Zucchini Dishes Using a Mandoline Slicer

There are different kinds of zucchini dishes that you can make with a mandoline slicer. Take your zucchini out of the fridge and use a mandoline slicer to prepare the following dishes.

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini bread is the perfect, healthy breakfast for your loved ones. Prepare this dish with a mandoline slicer. Grate zucchini with a mandoline slicer and add the shredded zucchini into your bread batter. Follow a good recipe and enjoy zucchini bread on your breakfast table.

Zucchini Coins

Do you want to enjoy crispy zucchini in a coin shape? Drag zucchini across the mandoline slicer blades and get perfect-sized zucchini coins. You can also cut zucchini coins with a knife, but use a mandoline slicer to get even zucchini sizes. Then, marinate your zucchini coins with some spices and deep fry them. Enjoy your perfect-sized zucchini coins during lunchtime.

Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles are the perfect dish for pasta lovers. The main tool that is necessary for this dish is a mandoline slicer. A mandoline slicer can give you zucchini noodles with perfect thickness. Put the blade that has spikes in the mandoline slicer. Cut the zucchini in length, and then cut them into strips. You perfect zucchini noodles are ready to cook. Fry these strips in some butter or oil for 2 minutes or boil them if you like.

Zucchini Strips

If you love fries, you will like to try parmesan zucchini fries or other appealing dishes. Use a mandoline slicer to slice zucchini into perfect-sized strips. Drag a zucchini lengthwise on the mandoline slicer and cut uniform strips. Make sure to wear handguards for your safety.

Zucchini Tossed Salad

For all of those who love to enjoy salads, zucchini tossed salad is an excellent addition to your salad recipes. All you need is to cut zucchini with a mandoline slicer into thin slices. Add these thin slices into your fruit or vegetable salads with some vinegar, spices, and salt.

Apart from all of the above dishes, there are so many other zucchini dishes that you can use a mandoline slicer for.

Safe Usage of a Mandoline Slicer

A mandoline slicer is a very helpful tool for giving you a free hand in the kitchen, but its sharp blades can cut your hand. A mandoline slicer is sharper than our knife because we do not use a mandoline often. Its blades slip through veggies smoothly, and we might stop only when our finger hits the blade. Therefore, you must carefully use this tool.

Follow these steps for cutting zucchini on the mandoline slicer tool:

  • Cut your zucchini in two halves to have better control.
  • Do not hold your veggies with your fingertips. Rather, use your hand to hold veggies or fruits.
  • Use a finely sharpened blade in your mandoline slicer to avoid any bumpy cuts.
  • After cutting your veggies, wash the blades of the mandoline slicer carefully and dry it quickly to preserve its performance.
  • Set your mandoline slicer on a clear-cut, flat surface to get a better grip on this tool. Also, choose the right shape of the blade for the desired cut.
  • Put on finger guards before cutting the slices to save yourself from accidental cuts.
  • If you are a right-handed person, hold a mandoline slicer in your left hand to get full control over the zucchini.


A mandoline slicer is a great tool to save you cutting time with uniform slicing, grating, and shredding. This slicer is a versatile cutter in making different kinds of dishes with zucchini. You can become creative in your traditional zucchini recipes.

Set the required blade and cut your desired strips for noodles, fries, or grate zucchini for your bread batter. However, do not forget to use safety guards on your hands for a safe cutting time in your kitchen. Now you know how to use a mandoline slicer for zucchini – enjoy your creations!

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