MLITER Electric Food Slicer Best Electric Food Slicer in 2018

MLITER Electric Food Slicer: Best Electric Food Slicer?

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Are you looking for a high-quality food slicer? Do you want a kitchen appliance that cannot only slice meat and cheese but at the same time, can also slice through almost all kinds of food items including fruits and vegetables with similar ease?

As compared to a manual food slicer, an electric food slicer comes in handy in a number of different ways. First of all, this machine comes with an improved cutting performance as compared to any other manual kitchen appliance which you can purchase from today’s market.

Depending on your personal preference, you can adjust its cutting thickness as per the type of food item which you’re going to cut. Such kind of construction eventually results in an increased efficiency which is viable for those who want to make no compromise on their food quality.

Another advantage that is usually associated with electric food slicers is the fact that, as compared to other manual kitchen appliances, this particular product is very easy to use. It also saves you from spending additional money on purchasing pre-sliced meats which eventually saves you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

So if you’re looking to purchase a high-quality meat slicer, this is where the MLITER Electric Food Slicer comes into the fray. Incorporating all the aforesaid features, this product can make your life easy in the kitchen.

Backed by a powerful motor, the MLITER Electric Food Slicer makes short work of slicing through bread, meat, cheese, and fruits along with other food items. You can adjust the cutting thickness of this machine which comes in handy for customers who have to slice a number of different food items inside their kitchen.

Seems interesting? Have a look at our comprehensive review of the MLITER Electric Food Slicer.

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MLITER Electric Food Slicer Features

Stainless Steel Blade

The MLITER Electric Food Slicer comes with a sharp 7.5-inch blade made of high-quality stainless steel. When combined with a powerful 150-watt motor, this serrated blade is more than capable of slicing through a number of different food items.

For ease of cleaning, the manufacturer has designed this blade in such a way that you can easily remove it at the end of a cutting session.

Lightweight Design

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert in the field of kitchen appliances or even an absolute novice, nobody wants to deal with a heavyweight food slicer. Not only it will cause fatigue on your body, but at the same time, it also makes it a bit difficult when it comes to transport this machine from one place to another.

However, there is no such problem with the MLITER Electric Food Slicer as the overall weight of this product is just under nine pounds. You don’t have to exert much effort in terms of handling this unit and thanks to its compact dimensions, you can also store this food slicer almost anywhere.

However, if you think that such a lightweight design might cause this machine to wobble, think again. The MLITER Electric Food Slicer features a non-slip rubber suction feet which ensures that regardless of the intensity of usage, this machine stays protected from any kind of movement.

Thickness Control

MLITER Electric Food Slicer is a versatile kitchen item. Depending on your personal preference, whether you want to cut thin slices of meat with this appliance or plan to cut through thick vegetable pieces, you can always do it with the help of this food slicer.

This is made possible by its intuitive thickness control feature as starting from zero mm, you can adjust the thickness of this particular food slicer up to 15mm. All you need to do is to just adjust the control knob which is provided on one side of this unit.  It means that you don’t have to deal with inconsistent cuts which seem to be a major problem with other, manual food slicers.


The MLITER Electric Food Slicer comes with an on and off switch which comes in handy for dealing with an emergency situation. Also present in this product is a food pusher which means that you don’t have to use your own hands for putting food inside this kitchen appliance.

Further, the end piece holder comes equipped with a blade guard which protects your fingers from getting damaged. So all in all, you don’t have to worry about your personal safety while dealing with the MLITER Electric Food Slicer.

Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable thickness control
  • Optimal safety features
  • Stainless steel blade


  • Not ideal for prolonged usage


The MLITER Electric Food Slicer incorporates a powerful 150 watt motor along with 7.5-inch stainless steel blade. This product comes with adjustable thickness control which allows you to control its cutting thickness from zero to 15 mm. Its anti-slip rubber suction feet ensure a secure operation, and you’ll also get a food pusher on making this purchase.


The MLITER Electric Food Slicer goes head to head versus the Elite Gourmet EMT-503 in today’s market. Both these slicers are available at a somewhat similar price tag, and interestingly, both of them make use of 7.5-inch stainless steel blades. You can also adjust the cutting thickness of either one of these models which makes it quite difficult when it comes to choosing any one of these two appliances.

However, when the MLITER Electric Food Slicer runs on a powerful 150-watt motor, the Elite Gourmet EMT-503 features a 130 watt motor for its operation. Similarly, when the overall weight the former kitchen appliance is just under nine pounds the latter incorporates 11 pounds of weight.

So if you’re looking for a high-quality electric food slicer, and that too without spending too heavily the MLITER Electric Food Slicer is worth a shot.

Final Verdict

The MLITER Electric Food Slicer is a powerful device that is quite capable of satisfying your cooking needs. This machine runs on a decently powerful motor that can handle even the toughest cutting tasks.

You can use the MLITER Electric Food Slicer for making perfect slices of cheese, meat, and other food items thanks to its 7.5-inch stainless steel blade. And since it comes with a couple of high-quality safety features, it makes this product a viable kitchen appliance for a wide range of customers.

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