A fisherman knows his boat, his lures, and bait, but a serious one also believes that he shouldn’t go without the best fillet knife he can find. After all, a fillet knife can be the best tool you’ll ever have when it comes to cleaning and filleting fish.

If you are wondering which of the fillet knives available on the market is the best one, this article has got you covered. Here, we take a close look at three of the best choices we have tried ourselves.

Best Fillet Knife: Top Three Picks

What you should be looking for in a fillet knife is the quality of the blade. A scalpel-like sharpness is a must, not to mention its ability to repel corrosion and stay sharp for years.

Dull ones will only give you uneven cuts and scales all over your plate, while the good knives will not only give you the nicest fillets of fish, they can also be used for poultry and other meats and for other variety of uses as well.

The handle is also one crucial element that must be considered. A good, slip-proof grip must be a priority over the handle’s appearance. A full-tang is a mark of good craftsmanship and only means durability all throughout.

Here are our top picks that we think are worthy of any kitchen:

1. KastKing Fillet Knife

The KastKing Fillet Knife is made with professional-grade materials and German craftsmanship, providing you with years of high-quality service. It will surely become your favorite filleting and boning tool.


  • Razor-Sharp Blade

This KastKing knife has a premium stainless steel blade with an elegant black finish. The blade is honed using G4116 German technology, giving it a razor-sharp edge that stays sharp longer even when used in both saltwater and freshwater applications.

The razor-sharp edge is ideal for cutting baits, gutting fish, and filleting. It comes in three sizes, including a six-inch, a seven-inch, and a nine-inch option.

  • Non-Slip Grip

To ensure comfort and safety when using this knife, it is fitted with a slip-resistant handle. This handle is made with a super polymer material, which gives you a solid grip. Plus, it is easy to clean and keeps its rugged yet beautiful look longer.

  • Safety Knife Sheath

KastKing knives always come with a durable sheath that keeps you safe and protects the blade at the same time. The protective cover locks in place to ensure safety, but it can also be easily removed when needed. The cover consists of multiple open slots that let any accumulated water out, keeping your knife dry.

Pros & Cons


  • Has a very sharp blade
  • Does not slip easily
  • Very safe to use and store
  • Built to last for years
  • Great value for money
  • Designed for professional and home use
  • Comes in different sizes


  • The blade can bend easily

2. Dalstrong Gladiator Fillet Knife

The Dalstrong Gladiator Fillet Knife is specially made to ensure efficient and easy filleting, de-boning, and skinning of your favorite fish, poultry, and meat. Its blade is 1.5 mm thick, making this knife easy to maneuver and highly flexible.


  • Razor-Sharp German Steel Blade

The hand-polished edge features 14- to 16-degree angles on each side, giving it a razor-sharp ability that is quite satisfying. You will also be glad to know that the high-carbon steel stays sharp for years.

  • High-Quality, Full-Tang Design

The Gladiator has a luxurious feel. With its triple-riveted Pakkawood handle combined with the premium blade, you get a satisfying heft and utmost control when using it.

The strongest type of tang, a full tang, means that you get a solid piece of blade with two pieces of handle securely pinned on each side. A full-tang knife guarantees durability and high-quality performance.

  • Ergonomic Handle

The handle is engineered with ergonomics in mind, which means that this fillet knife is easy to hold and follows the natural contour of the hand. This results in less hand fatigue even when using the knife for extended periods.

  • 56+ Rockwell Hardness Rating

The HRC rating of this fillet knife is close to the premium 56 HRC. This only means that you get a high-quality blade that is carefully tapered to ensure flexibility and minimal resistance whether your de-boning, slicing, or filleting.

  • PerfectFit Sheath

The Dalstrong Gladiator Fillet Knife comes with a BPA-free cover that keeps the knife safe in your drawer. In addition to that, when going out for an outdoor adventure, you can carry the knife with the included travel case complete with belt loop.

Pros & Cons


  • The sharp edge stays sharp
  • Professionally constructed
  • The handle is ergonomically designed
  • Ideal for multiple uses
  • Comes with a safety sheath


  • Not good for boning elk or deer

3. Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife

Morakniv has been in the knife-manufacturing industry since 1891. They are a very well-known brand that is based in Sweden, and professional chefs all over the globe adore their work. All of their knives boast a combination of premium quality materials and fine craftsmanship.


  • 6.1-Inch Blade

The stainless steel blade is made using Sandvik 12C27 steel, giving this knife a razor-sharp quality and exceptional toughness that keeps it corrosion-free for years. The 6.1-inch blade makes it ideal for use for most fish sizes and great for descaling, gutting, filleting, and butterflying your favorite fish.

Blade thickness is measured in at 0.07 inches or 1.99 mm, and the total knife length is 10.6 inches or 270 mm. It has a nice heft at only 99 grams.

  • High-Friction Handle

The Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife comes with a patterned handle that is high-friction and slip-proof, allowing you to keep a steady hold even when dealing with slimy fish.

  • Plastic Sheath

The knife also has a rugged plastic sheath that is easy to clean and does not retain any fishy smell. It also comes with two belt clips that are interchangeable, letting you decide whether to loop or clip it on a belt.

Pros & Cons


  • Made with high-quality steel
  • Does not corrode or rust
  • Great tool for cleaning and filleting fish
  • The handle does not slip
  • Rugged plastic cover
  • Comes with belt clips


  • The blade is so thin; it can break easily


Choosing the best fillet knife can be challenging, especially if the options have almost the same qualities or features. We know that a fillet knife is more than just for filleting fish; it must also serve a variety of purpose and be strong enough to withstand abuse—both from outdoor adventures and even at home.

Nonetheless, among the three fillet knives we presented, we pick the Dalstrong Gladiator Fillet Knife as the best of the best. Its blade is two inches shorter compared to the KastKing, which makes it easier to maneuver and use, especially when filleting and deboning fish. The Morakniv, while shorter at 6.1 inches, can be a bit short particularly when used with larger fish.

What makes the Dalstrong Gladiator Fillet Knife the best among the three is its fine engineering. With its full-tang construction for extra strength, hand-sharpened edge, and ergonomic, triple-riveted Pakkawood handle, you may consider this knife a purchase that you will never regret.


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