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Best Potato Chip Slicer: Top 5 Recommendations

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Best Potato Chip Slicer – Complete Reviews With Comparison

If you are looking for a potato chip slicer, look no further as we have managed to provide you with a great list that will aid you with all the information you require. Potato chip slicers are the best products for potato lovers, but there are so many to choose from. That is why we have taken a look at the top options available. So let’s check out the best ones of this year!

Potato Chip Slicer Reviews

Vinipiak Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

This is one of the best options out there at the moment. This potato chip slicer has been reviewed as being one of the best vegetable slicers available on the market this year. It is very versatile and provides customers with a great user experience to aid them in all of their vegetable slicing kitchen tasks while also providing a safe experience.Adjustable Mandoline Slicer Manual Stainless Steel Blade Vegetable Potato Onion Tomato Slicer Food Kitchen Tools


The Mandoline potato slicer is a very safe vegetable slicer. It is designed so users can complete their kitchen tasks safely, ensuring that no fingers have been cut during this process. Due to the fact that the Mandoline vegetable slicer is equipped with a great handle, it will protect the user’s hand when slicing, ensuring that they will not cut their fingers in any way.

The Mandoline potato slicer also comes with a pair of gloves that are highly resistant to cuts. As each user’s safety is very important, this potato slicer comes with a very safe blade guard. Furthermore, it is extremely easy to clean. This is because of the free cleaning brush that makes maintenance a convenient activity.

If you are looking for a quick and easy vegetable slicer, which will also help your budget while ensuring that it satisfies your every need regarding kitchen tasks, look no further.

Pros & Cons


  • It is a very safe product, due to the vegetable cutter’s blade guard
  • The product features a very safe handle ensuring that no fingers or hands will be cut during the process
  • It has a very strong body and is quite resistant over time
  • Quite versatile when it comes to different measuring slices
  • It does not require a lot of space in the kitchen when it is stored
  • Comes with a great guarantee feature, as it can be returned within 30 days


  • It does not have many blade attachments


Progressive International Prepworks by Progressive Adjust-A-Slice Mandoline

This is an adjustable mandoline vegetable slicer that will provide you with the ease of use you so require. It provides users with the possibility of getting even sliced vegetables and fruit. It features three different thickness measurements: thin, medium, and thick.

ReviewPrepworks by Progressive Adjust-A-Slice and Julienne Mandoline

You will be able to receive a more precise slicing experience due to the cutter’s angled blade. The vegetable’s cutter non-skid base will ensure a secure and safe experience while also making this slicer easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe.

While the company manages to provide users with a very affordable item that is safe and easy to use, it lacks in versatility and slicing options. The Prepworks by Progressive adjustable mandoline slicer can be of great use when doing basic cutting tasks within your kitchen and should not be disregarded due to its lack of versatility.

So, if you need a slicer that can only slice vegetables and are not looking for anything too extravagant, this cutter is your best option. As being cheap, safe, and easy to use, this slicer will aid you with all your essential kitchen slicing tasks.

Pros & Cons


  • Provides users with the possibility of getting even slices no matter what you are cutting
  • Has three adjustable slicing measurements: thin, medium, and thick
  • Is very affordable for most people
  • It provides users with a safe non-slip skid base
  • Completely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning


  • It is not as versatile as other products
  • Does not offer a variety of cutting styles
  • It is made out of mostly plastic

DASH Safe Slice Mandoline for Vegetables

This product is a great choice which will help you with all your vegetable cutting kitchen tasks while providing you with a safe experience, versatility, and an easy to use and clean product. The DASH Safe Slice Mandoline slicer is very safe due to the fact that it manages to keep fingers away from the blades, which provides a safer way of slicing your vegetables.

ReviewDASH Safe Slice Mandoline for Vegetables, Meal Prep & More with Thickness Adjuster, Size, Grey

This slicer is also as versatile as it is safe. It can slice, julienne, make standard slices, make matchstick slices, dice, and many more options as it features 30 different slicing type presets which can cut in a wide variety of thicknesses. Custom control is allowed by the thickness adjuster, making it a great product to be used when preparing soups, stews, salads, and even homemade potato chips.

The DASH Safe Slice Mandoline cutter is also very easy to clean. Because of its compact design, it can fold down easily, providing an easy way of storage. The cutter also includes a cleaning brush, which will ensure that the blade is not subjected to any food build-ups, and the food catch container ensures that your kitchen’s counter will remain clean of any vegetable residue.

This product can prove to be an excellent new home gift because of all of the mentioned features. Due to its small size, this slicer manages to take up very little space within the kitchen. This product includes a one-year warranty which is backed up by the manufacturer. This is not only a great feature but also the promise we all need that our product will live up to the manufacturer’s pledge of quality.

The DASH Safe Slice Mandolin slicer comes equipped with a food catch container, a recipe guide, a cleaning brush, and access to a recipe database.

To sum it all up, this vegetable slicer can provide you with a safe method of slicing your vegetables, as well as having a wide range of cutting and slicing options. This slicer can prove to be a very thoughtful gift for a wedding or a new home. It is easy to store and not that difficult to clean.

Pros & Cons


  • A very safe slicer as it manages to protect the user’s hands, thus ensuring a safe experience without any cuts
  • It is very versatile and can cut a wide variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Offers 30 different slicing presets
  • It is very clean, ensuring that no food residue will remain on the kitchen counter
  • Has the ability to cut in a wide variety of styles
  • It does not require too much space due to its compact fold down shape


  • Not as easy to clean as other slicers
  • Is not as easy to use as other related products

Medove Mandoline Slicer Vegetable Potato Slicer

This is an excellent option for your kitchen, as it is made out of stainless steel and has a tremendous professional high-quality build.

ReviewMandoline Slicer Vegetable Potato Slicer, Julienne Slicer, Onion Cutter, With Stainless Steel Adjustable Blade. Cut Resistant Gloves Included.

This Mandoline slicer is made out of a very strong and easy to clean surgical stainless steel. Thus it has a great compact and professional feel, which would look great both in your hands and on your kitchen’s counter. This slicer features a built-in adjustable blade that can provide you with a wide range of cutting styles and shapes.

The cutter’s featured blades are sharp and smooth and can easily be adjusted to fit your needs better. This slicer has the possibility of slicing very thin slices and very thick slices as well. It also has the option of slicing regular slices or even julienne.

The slicer comes equipped with a special blade guard for the blades, thus ensuring the cutter’s blades’ safe storage. Due to the fact that the blades are built-in and are also adjustable, they provide great flexibility and reliability, as the slicer is designed to be harmless for the user.

This slicer is also very easy to clean as both the slicer and the food safety holder are dishwasher safe, thus providing you with a quick and easy way of cleaning the kit. As a trusted product from the renowned MEDOVE kitchen brand, this slicer will provide users with the best experience regarding their kitchen needs. It is very easy to use and a very safe product, which ensures that users receive a very harmless experience.

We believe that the Medove Mandoline Vegetable Slicer is an excellent option if you are looking for a compact mandoline vegetable slicer with a great design. Its design gives the slicer a very professional aesthetic as it is made out of surgical stainless steel and is quite easy to store, saving you precious kitchen counter room.

This slicer will prove itself worthy in any kitchen and provide users with a very safe experience when it comes to finishing your kitchen tasks due to its high reliability and safety. It is also straightforward to clean as it is dishwasher safe, thus saving you time while preparing your favorite types of food.

Pros & Cons


  • Features a professional quality build as it is made out of surgically compact stainless steel
  • It features a wide variety of slicing measurements
  • Manages to slice both regular slices and julienne
  • It is a very reliable slicer due to the sharpness of the cutter’s blade
  • Provides users with a very easy to use the product
  • It belongs to a well-trusted kitchen brand, thus having a great reputation in regards to kitchen equipment


  • It offers a very narrow variety of slicing options as it only manages to cut regular slices and julienne


All in all, these are the best potato chip slicers of this year. Whether you are a casual eater or a passionate potato lover, these will fulfill all of your needs. Make sure you check them out!

If we had to decide which our favorite potato chip slicer is, we would have to go with the DASH Safe Slice Mandoline for Vegetables. This is for numerous reasons, including the fact that it allows you to cut both fruits and vegetables. The slicer is safe to be used by adults and kids with its unique protection. Plus, you can choose between 30 different cutting options to find the one you like best.

Our runner-up is the Vinipiak Adjustable Mandoline Slicer because, other than not having blade attachments, it is pretty great. It has a blade guard and a handle for safety. The body is very strong and can withstand regular use. And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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