OrangeA Meat Electric Slicer

OrangeA Meat Electric Slicer Review

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Meat tends to be tough, and cutting it is a much tougher job. A few decades back, cutting meat involves different tools like huge knives and saws. Yes, they get the job done, but the downside of this is that these tools tear apart the muscle fibers of the meat slicer. And for someone who knows his or her food, torn muscle fibers are bad news when it comes to meat. If you are among us fans of good-quality steak and other meaty dishes, then eating tough meat is definitely the last thing you want.

On the other hand, the good news is that with the technological advances all over the world, we now have different kitchen apparatuses that not just help us cut meat easily, but also make sure that we can serve the best food we can offer.

So set aside those huge knives and stop tearing your muscles while tearing the meat’s muscle fiber. The OrangeA Electric Meat Slicer is here to put an end to your kitchen nightmares! It’s time to give your meat, vegetables, or fruits, its proper slice!

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OrangeA Electric Meat Slicer

F2C 7.5


The [easyazon_link identifier=”B012941LM0″ locale=”US” tag=”xafin-20″]OrangeA Electric Meat Slicer[/easyazon_link] is perfect for cutting different kinds of meat, cheese, vegetables, and fruits. It measures 23.2 x 18.5 x 18.5 inches and weighs 36 pounds. It runs on 240-Watt power with 110V 60Hz / 220V 50Hz rated voltage. It is equipped with a 10-inch stainless steel blade with a diameter of 9.8 inches or 250 mm that can slice meat with a thickness of up to 0.7 inches or 17 mm.

It has a blade motor switch on the side for turning it on and off, along with a knob that helps you adjust the thickness of the cut. Its stainless blade is supported by a metal cover and a plastic plate that catches the sliced meat and prevents it from falling off.


Pros & Cons


  • Comes with low noise level despite its diameter to avoid disturbing the neighbor
  • Few holes under the meat slicer to keep the machine from overheating
  • Transparent plastic plate that is conveniently placed to catch the sliced meat
  • Handle at the bottom of the plastic plate to help guide in pushing the meat towards the slicer
  • Adjustable knob on the side that has marks that determine the size of the slice you want
  • Cuts within the wide range of 0 mm to 17 mm while preserving the structure of the muscle fibers of your meat
  • Steel blade allows for easy brushing off of the remnants of the previous slicing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Built with dual whetstones that are used for sharpening the blade in a more convenient manner
  • CE-approved


  • Product dimension is quite big and requires bigger storage space
  • Overall weight of 36 pounds is not ideal for portability
  • Transparent plastic plate is not big enough to handle a huge amount of meat. This might cause piling up of sliced product which might accidentally get hit by the blade.
  • Ideal for home use, but not if you’re going to slice bigger chunks of meat. A replaceable and bigger slicer could’ve solved this issue.


One of its leading competitors out on the market today is the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01J4UARVI” locale=”US” tag=”xafin-20″]KitchenWare Station Deluxe Commercial Electric Meat Slicer[/easyazon_link]. At first glance, the two products look the same. But if you take a closer look, then you’ll see that the KitchenWare Station Deluxe Commercial Electric Meat Slicer is built with an anodized aluminum body which is sturdier as compared to the construction of the OrangeA Meat Slicer.

The KitchenWare Station Deluxe Commercial Electric Meat Slicer also boasts a triple-lock system that assures the user that safety is still the top priority. If the machine detects that a single part of the slicing mechanism is out of place, then it will stop spinning to avoid damage to the machinery and prevent untoward injuries for the user. The KitchenWare Station Deluxe Slicer also comes with one extra whetstone and belt in case you would want to change either of the two.

However, despite both slicers having adjustable knobs, the KitchenWare Station Electric Meat Slicer can only slice up to 0.4 inches or 10 mm thick. A few millimeters thinner than the OrangeA Meat Slicer, which can slice up to 17 mm thick. Both slicers also have trays to keep the sliced meat from falling off, although the OrangeA Meat Slicer comes with a bigger one.

The Verdict

With all the things we have discussed above, are you now equipped to decide if the OrangeA Meat Electric Slicer is the next addition to your kitchen apparatuses? We have also compared it with another similar product to help you see better how this particular product fares.

If you are looking for a slicer that will stick with you in the long run, then KitchenWare Station Deluxe Commercial Electric Meat Slicer’s anodized aluminum body will surely serve that purpose. Additionally, although slightly heavier at 40 pounds, it is few inches smaller than the OrangeA Meat Electric Slicer at 20 by 15 by 19 inches, which would be good for your storage if you plan on using it at home.

Moreover, the former’s triple-lock system ensures the safety of not just the user but the other family members as well, especially kids. If you’re a parent, then this definitely a major asset you want to consider. However, if you are looking for a slicer that can provide you with a thicker cut, then the slice thickness range of 0mm to 17mm of the OrangeA Meat Electric Slicer should cut it for you.

Yes, both products are already great and useful in their unique ways and can be considered top of the line. Each of them is a good candidate for the best meat slicer on the market award. However, if there’s one thing that will serve as a tie-breaker, then that would be the KitchenWare Station Deluxe Commercial Electric Meat Slicer’s triple-lock protection system. With blades as sharp as these, we can never overlook the importance of safety. Although in terms of cutting meat, both pieces of machinery will be a great addition to your kitchen tool set.

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