The Giantex commercial meat slicer

Giantex Commercial Meat Slicer: easy slicing for your deli or home kitchen

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If you have a small deli or a catering business, a good meat slicer is a must have. Even if you don’t run a business a good quality meat slicer can make life in the kitchen very easy.

A meat slicer can do much more than just slice thin bits of ham (although it does that really well). You can slice cheese, veggies and bread uniformly and easily.

This means good quality, evenly sliced meats and cheese that will give your customers just what they need (even if your customers are non-paying family members).

In this review we will give you a better look at the Giantex commercial meat slicer and see how it measures up for business or home use.

The Giantex meat slicer is made from stainless steel and is semi-automatic. It has a nice looking modern design and it is quite easy to clean. It is designed to slice a variety of different food items, including meat, cheese, vegetables and bread. It works on 110Volts and has 150 Watts of power behind it.

It comes with two whetstones that are safely built in, so you can keep the blade sharp easily and without worrying about cuts. The blade has a diameter of 10 inches (250mm) and the slicer is adjustable. The handle is also adjustable. The blade also has a safety cover to keep you safe while you work.

The power switch also has a waterproof cover to keep things running well in a busy kitchen.  These features seem to promise quite a few good functions, but let’s weigh up the pros and cons and see if this slicer really is as sharp as it promises.

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  • It is made from stainless steel
  • It is semi-automatic
  • It has a modern design
  • It has sharpening control buttons to control the whetstones
  • The two whetstones are built in for safe sharpening
  • It has an adjustable handle
  • It is easy to clean
  • It slices bread, cheese, vegetables and meat
  • It has 110 Volts and 150 Watts of power
  • The blade diameter is 250mm or 10 inches
  • The slicer is 0 – 0.47 inches adjustable
  • It has an on/off switch with waterproofing
  • The blade has a safety cover
  • Weight: 38 pounds (17.23 kg)
  • Dimensions: 16.3 x 19.6 x 13.9 inches (41.4 x 49.7 x 35.3 cm)

Pros & Cons


  • The blade can be removed for cleaning
  • It is easy to use and to clean
  • It is sturdy and does not feel cheap
  • It is reasonably priced
  • It is well sized for a home kitchen counter
  • The slices are uniform and can be set to be very thin
  • The motor is quiet
  • It works well for small businesses with lighter use or for a home kitchen
  • The blade cover is a good safety feature


  • The motor struggles with thick cuts
  • It works best for lighter use and large meats will need to be cut into smaller sizes to fit
  • It is not the best choice for restaurants with heavy demands (even with the commercial tag in its title)
  • It needs to be cleaned thoroughly before use
  • The instruction manual is not useful or well written
  • The blade needs very regular sharpening


If you are running a large busy restaurant with a fast paced high demand of sliced meat, this meat slicer might have trouble keeping up.

On the other hand, if you have a deli or a smaller business or just need something for home use, this Giantex meat slicer will suit your needs very well. It has a number of good features on its pro list.

It is well made and very sturdy, which is exactly what you need from a slicer. The blade is a good mid-size for most deli meats and it handles veggies very well. It is a nice compact size that will fit on a home counter without taking over completely.

You can get very thin uniform slices and it delivers consistently (great for quality control and cost analyses for the business owners among you). It is quite easy to clean if you add a little soap and water. If you don’t like a noisy machine you will be happy with how quietly the motor runs.

On the negative side, there are a few points that we need to highlight. This slicer is not really as heavy duty as it promises and won’t do well with heavy loads. The motor does not seem to be up to the task of handling massive slices of thicker meat for long periods.

The instruction manual is not very helpful and badly written, so it won’t be much help if this is your first experience with a meat slicer.

You will need to thoroughly clean the slicer, especially before its first use because there can be some grease on the blade. But as far as the negatives go, these aren’t too bad for a slicer that comes with a very reasonable price tag.

Is this slicer as good as your sharpest knife?

This meat slicer by Giantex offers a sharp easy cutting process that will work for your deli or home kitchen. Its best quality may be that you get a sturdy, well-made slicer at a much better price than other commercial grade meat slicers

Giantex 10″ Blade Commercial Meat Slicer Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Industrial Quality
  • 【Scientific Design 】Sharpening control buttons for controlling the whetstones to sharpen two sides of the blade easily, fixed device handle for pushing the fixed meat to slice, moving handle and the fixed device handle compose of dual handles system to slice meat effortlessly.
  • 【Simple Operation】Heat output holes under the meat slicer to disperse heat Built-in dual whetstones for sharpening blade safely and conveniently, on-off switch with waterproof cover.
  • 【Multifunctional Usage】It can slice massive boneless meat, including beef, mutton, venison, and also can slice cheese, ham, bread, vegetable, fruit and other food up to the 0-0.47 slices without breaking down the muscle fiber structure.
  • 【Perfect Detail Workmanship】High quality mental connecting procedure which could make this machine more durable and solid. And the structure follows the scientific principle and could sustain durable usage.
  • 【100% Satisfaction Guaranteed】 We would try our best to give you satisfied shopping experience, if there is quality, we would make best solution to solve the problem.

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We can recommend this slicer if you want something that can slice consistently and give you thin or thick results without getting stuck or shredding food.  It is best suited to smaller businesses or your home kitchen. It will work hard and give you many years of service (if you remember to sharpen the blade regularly).

The quiet motor and safety features also make this slicer suitable for a home kitchen.  You will need a heavier slicer if you have a large business, but for the price of the Giantex and the good consistency it offers, we can give it two thumbs up without a reservation.

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