Buying a meat slicer is a great investment anyone will surely enjoy. It is a kitchen buddy that will make slicing easier and more efficient. It cannot replace a good knife because a knife can be used in many different ways a meat slicer cannot. But, for the volume of tasks that need efficiency of slicing, there’s no way a knife can come close.

When choosing a good meat slicer one should keep in mind the characteristics of a good meat slicer. But before diving into this matter, it is best to emphasize that when a meat slicer is talked about at this age of advance technology, it means an electric meat slicer not the old fashion kinds that don’t use electricity. Aside from this, one should know that a meat slicer for home and for commercial use is different in sizes and power of the motor. Therefore, the guide here will only focus on how to choose a meat slicer based on key factors that characterize a good meat slicer. So here it is:

Factors to consider when choosing a good meat slicer

Power and Speed

Some meat slicers you will find use high wattage motors for more efficient and faster slicing. The power output of the motor will determine how quickly and efficiently it can slice meat. Some motors can easily overheat because they don’t have enough power to continue the kind of tasks they are used for.

These kinds of motor are considered good only for simple slicing tasks such as making sandwiches and can only be used for a limited amount of time per day. Since it is meat that’s going to be sliced, the motor it requires has to be high-powered so that the blade can easily cut through without difficulty.

Power and speed is relative to each other, and this plays a large role when choosing a good meat slicer. For a tip, a good meat slicer should be one that can last at least 2 hours per day without overheating. Thus, look for meat slicers that have a power output of at least 1/3 horse power. This kind of slicer may be used up to 2 or 3 hours per day.


A good slicer is a durable slicer. Meat slicers that last are only those that have good quality. And it has to mostly do with the quality of the parts that make it up. There are meat slicers that boast high quality materials and translate this quality into a decent price. But there are also some that are overpriced because of this quality.

So it is up to one’s scrutiny to find a brand selling a good and quality standard at a decent price. For a tip, always look at meat slicers made of stainless steel because it will surely last and cleaning will not be a hassle especially if it has an easy to detach feature. Another is the type of gear used, it is always best to look for meat slicers that uses metal gears than plastic gears.


When it comes to the size of slicer to get, factors like counter space have to be considered. If there is not enough space on the kitchen counter then one should decide to either make another counter for the meat slicer to accommodate its space or buy a compact meat slicer. Compact units can be carried and stored easily. Therefore, with a compact slicer one can get it from its storage area when needed and keep it after. In addition to this, the size of the blade and carriage are also important for slicing efficiency.

For large cuts of meat the slicer must have a large carriage to accommodate and large blade to easily cut them through. Therefore it is very important to look at the features of the slicer, if it can accommodate the task you are looking to accomplish.

A good slicer can become your best friend. So it is very important to find one that really suits the nature of the tasks one is looking to accomplish with the slicer. Time is very important and can be saved when the task performed can be done efficiently. A good slicer can do that but one should also strive to understand which meat slicer is good when confronted with a multitude of slicers to choose from.

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