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Mac Knife MTH-80 Review

When looking for kitchen knives that are worth the money, it is hard not to consider the ones manufactured by Japanese brands. The main reason for this is that blade forging and delicate craftsmanship has been a tradition of this country for centuries.

Knowing how sharp the Katana sword is, there is no doubt that Japanese kitchen knife brands know what they are doing, as well. Whether you are a professional chef or an at-home cook, you need at least one knife that stands out in terms of durability, sharpness, and overall build.

In order to help you, we conducted thorough market analyses and came to the conclusion that the Mac Knife MTH-80 is a superb choice. While brands such as Shun and Zelite also offer respectable products, this one has the best price to quality ratio. For those not yet convinced, we have prepared a detailed review focusing on the major features that make this product a worthy choice. Let’s get to it.

Mac Knife MTH-80 Review

The most important aspect of this product is the brand that stands behind it. Japanese companies are known for great communication and service to their customers. This is emphasized in the way that the Mac brand does its business. You are getting a lifetime warranty, as well as a guarantee that they will resharpen your knife for free.

Of course, this guarantee holds firm as long as you have not damaged the knife yourself. If you have questions, you can use the live chat customer service that is offered on their website. Considering that, it is hard to say that the MTH-80 knife has any noticeable downsides.

Also, we would emphasize that it has a flawless cutting ability. Whether you are preparing a fruit salad or a delicate plate of sushi, you can count on this sharp Japanese kitchen knife. Plus, due to its unique design, going through sticky food shouldn’t be an issue, either. Overall, for the price that you are getting it at, plus its innovative details, this product is more than worth it!

Who is this product for?

Considering what we have said above, we think that everyone should have at least one Japanese knife in their kitchen. As for who would get the most use out of it, home cooks seem to reap the most benefits from this knife. However, we are not saying that this product can’t be used by professionals.

In fact, it performs flawlessly. The only issue is that it is not as sturdy and may not withstand heavy use on an everyday basis. Other than home cooks, it is a great gift for newlyweds or parents that haven’t yet equipped their new kitchen.

What’s included?

We love that this offer is not limited solely to the MTH-80 knife. Along with the knife itself, you will also get a shiny and attractive transportation case. This goes a long way, especially if you want to give it as a gift. Additionally, it is perfect for putting away your knife while it is not being used.Not to mention, the knife guard should protect you from getting accidentally hurt. Also, there is a detailed user’s guide that should give you all the instructions on the right cutting motion.

Overview of Features

There are a few features that we would love to talk about. Before that, though, we want to emphasize that unlike some other Japanese knives, this one is actually made in the country. For example, it is quite common to see Gyuto knives manufactured in China according to the official license. That is not the case with this Japanese-made knife.

Looking at the design, it has an overall length of just above 12.5 inches, with the blade being 8 inches long. That is ideal for both personal and professional use. What highlights the stainless steel blade is the 2.5 mm thickness that allows it to perform even the most delicate operations. While maintenance shouldn’t be much of a problem, keep this knife away from the dishwasher.

Looking at some other details, we love the ergonomic handle made of pakkawood. The dimples on both sides of the blade will allow you to go through squash, watermelon, and other sticky food without issues. It is suitable for both right and left-handed users, removing the tension of your wrist and allowing you to work for hours. This knife weighs below 200 grams, which is quite light considering its build.

Still, we have to say that it is not the ideal choice for cutting on a metal or rock surface. Other than that, there is not much to say against it. It is reliable, sharp, and easy to maneuver. This knife is a superb choice for any kitchen enthusiast!

How to use It

What is so great about the MTH-80 is that it doesn’t require prior experience in order to be used effectively. This is due to the lightweight and ergonomic handle. The best way to cut with this knife is to use the traditional forward and down method. You will ensure delicate and precise cutting, while not damaging or degrading edge retention. For any further instructions, we suggest you take a look at the detailed user’s guide offered by Mac.


  • Affordable for most
  • Extremely sharp
  • Good edge retention
  • Dimpled design
  • Good blade thickness


  • Not as sturdy as could be
  • Not dishwasher safe
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Dalstrong Chef 8” Knife

Coming as a part of the Dalstrong Gladiator Series, this German Steel HC knife is a great alternative. It rates 56th on the Rockwell Hardness Scale and is razor-sharp. Additionally, the pakkawood handle allows optimal maneuverability and efficiency. Overall, it is a great value knife that is hard to compete with in terms of price, craftsmanship, and cutting ability!


It is hard to deny that the Mac Knife MTH-80 is a knife of outstanding quality. While there is room for improvement in terms of hardness and overall sturdiness, its superb edge retention justifies the price. Thus, if you are someone who loves to cook and you are looking to get a reliable Japanese knife, give it a shot!

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